Friday, May 7, 2010

Paper distressing techniques part 2 of 2

If you missed part 1 you can find it here. :)

Technique 2: creasing your paper

Continuing from the previous post, we had spritzed our paper with water. Doing this allows your paper to become more malleable, easier to shape and work with. If you want to follow along, go ahead and mist your paper with water. Using your thumb and index finger, lay them down on the paper. Push the paper with your thumb towards your index finger, and at the same time, pull with your index finger towards your thumb.
Doing so creates this lovely crease line in your paper. Play with it a bit by pulling, pushing, folding, until it is shaped to your liking. If you guessed, then this is where the ink comes in. ;) Adding ink is just visually pleasing to me, and it really helps the distressing of your paper to stand out.
Another way to create this on the edge of your paper is to use your scissors while the paper is damp, and run them across the edge of the paper.
This does two things. One, it creates this really fabulous rough edge. Two, it pushes and bends the paper in on itself a bit. Again, experiment to your hearts desire.

 Technique 3: tearing/folding your paper

There are lots of different ways to change the way your paper looks... this is one other technique I use when distressing my paper... and it takes about three seconds. You can do this with your paper wet or dry. I prefer that my paper is damp when I do this because when I stop tearing, the fibers in the paper are wet and actually have a smooth edge where I tore it at.
You can leave it as is, you can ink it, or you can fold it back.
Start with one side of the tear and fold it back behind the paper to hide it.

Do the same thing for the other side.
Ink it.. and voila.

Here's this poor little distressed piece of scrap paper in all its glory. ;)

Have fun with it. In the end, its all about what YOU LIKE, and what YOU WANT on your finished projects!
Until next time...


  1. AWESOME! I have never thought about spritzing it with water! It should make it easier!!!! I love distressing!!!!

    have a great day!!!

  2. This is the best, I must admit I never thought about spritzing my paper at all, and I also have never had anyone else tell me to do that.
    Thanks for the great tutorial.

  3. I am going to try your technique this weekend~!!

  4. love inky distressy tutorials......tfs!!

  5. Great ideas Leah, I will have to try this.