Friday, July 30, 2010

Freaky Friday challenges

Each Friday on the Timeless Daydreams forum we've been posting a weekly challenge. We decided to start posting them on the blog as well.  If you participate, please consider signing up on the forum and uploading your work in the gallery. We leave lots of love in there. :)

I've been quiet lately because I'm kinda in my head right now. Some of my friends are having a rough time lately. And as much as we like, we can't always throw the hard times behind us and put on a sunshiney face to show the world each day. Sometimes we need to embrace the hard stuff.

This weeks challenge is to release the stress through your art. Find some inspiration through the song posted. Maybe you too are saddened by friends you know going through a difficult time as well. You can dig deep, or touch on something simple.

I heard this song on this morning, and it struck a chord in me, and I knew I had to share it here. (if the pop up player isn't working.. you can go here to hear the song.)

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You can tell a story.
Just paint.
Sign your name on a sheet of paper with a frowny face :(
this week it's up to you.

Let go. You'll find this form of scrapping to be very freeing, if only for a short time.

Hope you're able to play along, and have a great weekend!

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